Cut Glass Bowl For Ovington of New York by a French Art Glass Studio

The fact that this was made for Ovington speaks for the quality of the work itself. Ovington Brothers' were known for their outstanding eye when picking quality merchandise for their New York decorative arts store in back in the late 1800s through 1920s.

Signed by the maker with the designation "FRANCE" and by "OVINGTON NEW YORK;" acid-stamp etched onto the piece in the inside center of the bowl. (The base is ribbed and cannot support the full stamp.)

The condition is great, with contact wear on the base. From the 1920s era, due to signature of simply "Ovington" and by the bold Art Deco cut design. 

About the etching: very nicely cut so as to look like frost. Rather than simply cutting in one line, small cuts are made along each line of each leaf, and looks to be quite time consuming.

I'd classify the color as clear, but with a very gently "smoked" color. In day light it is more clear, at night, it has a soft smoked tint.

11" diameter.

French Art Glass Bowl 1920s Art Deco