Bohemian Cut to Clear Footed Urn/Jar - Late 19th or Early 20th C. 


A fantastic form, and a shape that seemingly seldom surfaces; a covered urn in a proportion which allows for it to be used for candy, etc. 


This Bohemian jar is in excellent condition and has a flat polished foot.  The details are hand painted.  


Due to the manufacturing of the piece, there's on small wrinkle in the stem portion of the lid's handle -- a normal occurrence and mentioned for accuracy.


The jar is also desirable since it's the more scarce 'white cut to blue' color combination. 


If you're looking for a variety of shapes then consider this covered urn ... it's not a common shape to find. 


Measures: Approx. 9" tall, yet I'll post the precise measurements as I'm not in the studio at the moment to take an exact measurement.   

Bohemian White Layer On Blue Overlay Cut to Clear Covered Footed Urn Jar